About me

Solo family


My name is Ben Meadors. I'm a Christian, a husband, and a developer. I live in central Arkansas, and I write software for Metova. Most of my hobbies involve food, drink, sci-fi, and tinkering with electronics. I also enjoy spending time outdoors.


I've been developing applications since 2009. I started my career building ASP.NET WebForms apps in C#, but since then, I've gone through a great deal of the .NET stack and more recently had the opportunity to develop apps in Ruby on Rails. I love reading and and exploring other tech stacks, but most of my working experience has centered in the .NET world. I'm a big advocate of automated testing (Notice I didn't say TDD), and I particularly enjoy discovering and working on tools that make day to day development go faster and smoother.

Below are some of the technologies I've worked in.